Saturn is a tactical RPG set on the moons of Saturn and on Earth. The protagonist controls robots on the moons of Saturn and explores an underground city where one can find keys to the secrets of deep space.
Welcome to the future!
The year is 2062.
Humanity has expanded its reach across the solar system through advanced remote control technology known as “Reflection”. This technology enables operators on Earth to control machines anywhere in the solar system in real time via quantum communications satellites. As robots venture into space, several large manned stations with international crews have been established around Saturn.
On Saturn's moons, a team of researchers investigates artifacts left by an enigmatic sentient civilization that once roamed our solar system. The team operates from the Belyaev-19 station, orbiting Titan. An inadvertent error by the scientists triggers an alien defense mechanism, posing a grave threat not just to the Saturn expedition, but to all of humanity.
The protagonist stands as one of the finest operators of the Reflection system. On Earth, his mission involves outmaneuvering adversaries, forging alliances, and unraveling the link between an underground city and the alien artifacts in deep space. On the moons of Saturn, the protagonist tactically commands humanoid robots and various other machines via the Reflection. Successfully unraveling the mysteries of both Earth and Saturn is vital to averting the looming global catastrophe.
Throughout the game, the protagonist is presented with a multitude of choices in interactions with characters and alien artifacts. These decisions lead to various possible endings, encouraging multiple playthroughs for different experiences: each journey through the game offers a unique narrative path.
Prevent a catastrophe on Earth
Two worlds
Impact of decisions
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